dimecres, 19 de setembre de 2012

On Science, Math, Polish, IT, History, Art lessons we talked  about energy saving and renewable energy sources. We also learnt how to calculate the energy consumption. We had brainstorming connected with energy efficiency and during the discussion students could share their own ideas. Then there was a competition organized on the best poster and photo showing how we care about environment. We prepared the exhibition of all posters made by pupils, it was available for everybody.  We prepared colorful stickers and put them near the light switches and water taps in order to remember about how important energy saving is.

We also prepared wall newspaper about EURONET 50/50 project and saving energy.  It was very popular among students of every age. We used old newspaper and recyclable materials to make our message more up-front and convincing.  On school corridors’ walls there were  instructive posters displayed, made by students of different grades (levels). They presented rules of energy, water and gas  saving and how to implement them in everyday life. 

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